About us

CapeTours is a small family business owned and run by Þórunn and Bjarni from their home in the rual village Grenivík. Both are outdoor enthusiasts with a love for nature.

„We belive that nature should be taken care of and due to how dellicate the Icelandic fauna is we only have small private groups (5 – 6 people max.).“

– Bjarni Arason

Þórunn and Bjarni are keen on slow travel and engurage people to stay at one place longer, rather than visiting more places on the go.

“Slow travel is not so much a particular mode of transportation as it is a mindset. Rather than attempting to squeeze as many sights or cities as possible into each trip, the slow traveler takes the time to explore each destination thoroughly and to experience the local culture.”

– Sarah Schlichter

Bjarni is CapeTours guide and expert on the outdoor living and experience. His love for nature starts in the Danish scouts when he was 6 and he has been sailing canoes and building shelters ever since. Canoeing turned into seakayaking later on and Bjarni has been instructing in both sports for more than 10 years. Bjarni does not stop at sea level as he hikes (mainly looking for sheep), skiies and snowboards aswell. Bjarni has a bachelor decree in tourism.

Þórunn is the definition of an Icelandic farm girl. Growing up on a Icelandic sheep farm has given her a good sence for Icelandic animals and fauna. Be it berries or flowers, birds or mice, she knows. She has been angling for trout since she could hold the rod and riding the Icelandic horse since she could sit. If you ask nicely she might even make you a traditional Icelandic lamb stew. Þórunn has a bachelor decree in biotechnology.



We at CapeTours operate from a small rural village, called Grenivík, in north-east Iceland.

The following map will show you how to get to us. Just zoom in and look around.


Special Tours – Custom Made Tours

We at CapeTours love adventure and during both work and play we have experienced amazing things.

At your request we can make a tour that is tailored to your every need.

Just contact us and we will make your trip unforgettable.


Winter Wonderland

We will take you out to experience the harsh but mysteriously beautiful winter nature.

Be it building a snowman and drinking hot chocolate or battling the winter storm!

We at CapeTours will take you safely through the day.


Our Friends in Grenivik

CapeTours operate in the rural town Grenivik in Grýtubakkahreppur in Northen Iceland. We are proud supporters of the Slow Travel idea so we would love to recommend you to our friends in the region.

In the village centre is a convenience store owned and managed by a local husband and wife, they have been running the store for decades and they will welcome you to their store with open arms and big smiles. The name of the store is Jónsabúð. Read more here

Down by the sea is a fishing museum where you can get a feel of how life was in a small fishing village. Read more here

Up on the hill, right when you enter the village you will find the camping site, a gym and the swimming pool with a hot tub. Read more about the camping site here and more about the swimming pool and gym here.

Just before you come in to town there is a 9-hole golf course which covers a lot of ground.  Read more here

Réttarholt is the home-base for Kaldbaksferðir which is a tour operator that specializes in snow-cat tours up on the mountain Kaldbakur, which is just under 1200 m. Read more here

At Grýtubakki 2 lies the home-base for Polarhestar, who specialize in horse riding tours. Read more here

The farm Hléskógar operate what they call a Bed ‘n Ride. Read more here

At Lómatjörn there is a guest house. Read more here

The old farm Ártún operate a guest house and camping site at the old farm site along with a guest house in Grenivik. Read more here

Across the river lies the old Church farm Laufás, which now houses an Icelandic turf farm converted to a museum. Read more here

Nollur is a old farm turned in to a guest house. The company also has houses for rent in Grenivik village and Akureyi. The company supports sustainability. Read more here

Grenivik is a small rural fishing village with a rich fishing heritage. The present day village is the home to a few industies ranging from fish to fur. Read more here

In Grenivík town there is a small Gallery, called Gallerí Glóu. Read more here

There is also a jewellery maker in town with a product called Von Collection. Read more here

Seen from the hills above

The Cape – Þengilhöfði and Grenivík



Contact us and we will make your trip unforgettable

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